Auckland Institute of Studies  - Auckland

New Zealand/Aotearoa

Located in the South Pacific, New Zealand is a young country which remains relatively undiscovered by the world. With a population of just 4.5 million and comparable to Great Britain or Japan in size, it is one of the world’s least crowded countries


Auckland has earned itself a regular spot amongst the top ten best cities in the world to live. With its mild, temperate climate without seasonal extremes, beaches and clean environment, it’s easy to see why. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with 1.4 million people from European, South Pacific and Asian cultures as well as a strong Maori heritage. The city offers a large choice of recreational and dining experiences, night life, live performances and sports events. The natural beauty that New Zealand is known for is abundant around Auckland. The city has many open spaces, public parks and gardens, and is situated between two picturesque harbours allowing easy access to its clean, beautiful beaches.

Located in suburban Mt Albert, AIS,Auckland is only a short train, bus or car ride from Central Business District (CBD). Mt Albert is home to Western Springs Park, Auckland Zoo, the Museum of Transport and Technology, and the Westfield St. Lukes shopping mall. To the west are the Waitakere Ranges, a lush rainforest of native flora and fauna and some of the North Island’s best black sand surf beaches.One of the greatest attractions New Zealand has to offer international students is the relaxed, safe lifestyle and much more affordable than Sydney, New York or London. The cost of living is of course dependent on where and how you choose to live in Auckland.

Auckland Institute of Studies

Established in 1990, Auckland Institute of Studies is one of New Zealand’s largest independent degree-granting institutions with a distinctive international focus. Since its inception, this institute has attracted students and staff from countries around the world and now has developed a number of close relationships with leading educational institutions internationally. This network has advantages for both our international and the New Zealand students. The undergraduate and postgraduate students of AIS experience expert personalised education. The learning and development of each student is guided by qualified and committed staff who play their primary role as mentors in helping students achieve success.On each campus AIS ensure that a friendly and nurturing environment balances and supports its rigorous and demanding academic programmes. The institute utilises a variety of monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the quality of the programmes is maintained at the highest international standards. Earning an AIS, Auckland academic credential is a qualification for life, and requires each student to demonstrate a high level of personal commitment and integrity. At AIS students will experience expert personalised education in small classes. Whether from New Zealand or overseas, students will receive everything they need to feel comfortable and confident while studying with AIS – ensuring that each students are well-equipped to succeed on the completion of their qualification.

AIS is pleased to have this cross-credit programme in collaboration with IIMS, Kolkata, India. This unique academic curriculum offers young talents the a unique opportunity to reach out into the global arena for further education and career. Aspirants are assured that studying at AIS,Auckland will be a truly rewarding experience.

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