Reasons to choose IIMS-AIS Cross Credit Pathway

Work during study in New Zealand


Students after successful completion of their course at IIMS, Kolkata and who would be joining AIS, Auckland Campus are allowed to work 20 hours per week as per NZ immigration law and full time during New Year and Christmas holidays.





 Students from IIMS are provided with assistance on all employment issues at AIS. This includes conducting workshops on CV preparation and interview techniques, and finding appropriate employment opportunities.



Substantial Saving


Students save substantially about 30-40% of the cost towards their course fee and living expense compared to the cost for the entire programme at the overseas campus.



Student Loans and Scholarships


Students applying for IIMS-AIS cross credit programme can also opt for student loans and scholarships, subject to certain criteria.



Unique Platform


The cross credit pathway offered by IIMS, Kolkata is a unique foundation programme that is intended to familiarise the students with the New Zealand culture and their concept of academics and education system. By the end of Diploma/Advanced Diploma/PGDBA programme at IIMS, the students are not only well equipped and oriented, but prepared for AIS system that emphasises on clarity of concepts with global perspectives rather than course delivery.



Smooth Transition from IIMS to AIS, Auckland.


The programme is designed in such a way that the students earning the credits on each subject during the cross-credit programme study at IIMS campus in India are readily accepted and compatible to the sequential study in AIS, Auckland, New Zealand.



AIS endorsed curriculum


The curriculum and assessments followed in IIMS cross-credit programme is endorsed by AIS, Auckland. The course syllabus, credit allocation and evaluation procedures follows a stringent and rigorous criteria, where the entire gamut of IIMS cross-credit course is delivered under the strict supervision of AIS, Auckland.



Competency to face Global Challenges


Demand for Indian talents in the global context has been on rise with the expansion of Indian economy which is becoming more and more global. The courses offered to the students are in accordance with the needs of the industries thereby ensuring that the students of IIMS-AIS are well equipped to face the growing challenges of globalization.



Individual Focus

The teaching faculty both at IIMS Kolkata and AIS, Auckland values personal contact with students, ensuring that each student receives a high level of personal attention and are supported to make the best use of their potential. The class numbers are also kept low to maximise learning opportunities and maintain education of high-quality standard imparted to every student.