Success Stories

Debaditya Hoare

“Thanks to IIMS for helping me fulfill my dreams to pursue MBA at AIS,New Zealand. I feel extremely privileged to start my career in IBM –Concentric, New Zealand."

Chandan Ohri

“I looked at Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and I picked New Zealand for the quality of life. If you want flexibility in your studies, AIS would be the perfect place. The faculty here are very good."

Ismail Fasi Mohammed

“Many of the courses in the PGDBA programme have been relevant to managing business in Auckland. For example, I have enjoyed the the Services Marketing course as it as it serves to provide insight on how best to market Paradise Restaurant in Auckland."

Ria Dey

“IIMS-AIS cross credit pathway is really convenient and cost effective. The job opportunities in NZ is better than in countries like UK and USA. However is no short cut for hard work and studiousness, If u have that You will make it.”

Bebesana Paonam

“I am glad to be a part of AIS; thanks to IIMS for giving me a global exposure. I am presently working as Business support admin in Telegistics (a subsidiary of Spark Telecommunication, NZ)"

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